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June 2008 - Update - Language Learning Resources

juneYou will find new resources all over the site this month. Have fun trying them out!

To celebrate this month of tennis, you will find Roland Garros in the French section and Wimbledon in the English section. If you like this sport, practice your listening with the audio and video, or read about the history of these famous events.

We also particularly recommend 6 billion others, an amazing project by a French director to film people all over the planet talking about their lives and feelings. You will find it in the 'Interesting Resources' section. There are English, French and Italian versions of the site.

Language resources site launched with great success!


After long and strenuous work of preparation and research, the site is finally ready for use!

Enjoy it !

We are pleased to offer users of this site regular updates. We will add new resources and remove any sites which are no longer valid. 

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